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Simple Stretchy Leg

PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2012 6:06 am
by BenChang
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Basic squash and stretch added to an IK Leg

This technique adds a simple squash and stretch control to an IK leg. By scaling joints (here, on the X axis), we can stretch the joint chain. Scaling the hip and knee both proportionately gives a nice stretching effect over the whole leg, which we can control with one attribute via an expression.

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1. select LFootControl and add a float attribute, [i]legStretch[i], with a min of -10 and max of 10.

2. Open the Expression Editor (Window->Animation Editors->Expression Editor)
3. Enter this expression:
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LHip.scaleX = pow(2, LFootControl.legStretch/10.0)

4. Click "Create"

pow is the exponent function. When legStretch = -10, this returns 2^(-1), or 1/2. When legStretch = 10, scaleX = 2. When legStretch=0, 2^0=1 so scaleX = 1.

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IK handle pulled beyond leg length
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Stretch applied to the hip joint
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5. This only scales the hip joint, though. To make it a little nicer, we can divide the effect between the hip and the knee. Open the expression editor and edit the expression:

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LHip.scaleX = pow(2, LFootControl.legStretch/20.0);
LKnee.scaleX = pow(2, LFootControl.legStretch/20.0);

Stretch only applied to hip joint
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stretch applied to both hip and knee
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