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Solving an export to FBX issue

PostPosted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 3:51 am
by Pepperpwni
I've had my share of technical issues exporting rigged and animated models from Maya as a .FBX and then bringing it into Unity. One problem resulted in the imported model not even appearing, except for the parts that did not deform.

It turned out that Maya has a thing called "Joint Scale Compensation" that's on every joint and by default (at least for me) it's checked on. Turning that off on every joint and exporting will solve the issue. This seems to hold true for Maya 2014, perhaps later versions will fix this.
segment scale.png
Where Joint Scale Compensation can be found

Instead of manually checking this off for each joint, you can do the following (copied from elsewhere):
1. Edit > Select All By Type > Joints
2. Window > General Editors > Attribute Spread Sheet
3. Open the ‘All’ tab and find ‘Segment Scale Compensate’ column – it’s towards the end of the spreadsheet, about 7/8 of the way.
4. Turn all attributes to off by clicking on the ‘Segment Scale Compensate’ tab and typing in '0' or 'off'.
segment scale 2.png
Segment Scale Compensation in the Attribute Spread Sheet