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Unity Version Control

PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2012 10:15 pm
by debarc
How do we use this? There's a server connection menu thing in Unity, but it seems like we need an actual server - is there somewhere we have to connect to, or does one of us need to host it?

Re: Unity Version Control

PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 7:29 pm
by BenChang
The easiest thing is for one of you to host it for your team. We do have the ability to run it on the HASS servers, but the last I checked there were some fiddly issues with authentication with RCS or something like that, so in the meantime go ahead and host it yourself if you can.

You can download the asset server installer and the manual here:

You can also use Git or SVN with Unity. There is one very important step you need to do at the very beginning, before you start the project, which is to enable version control on the overall project:

1. Open Unity
2. Go to Edit->Project Settings->Editor
3. Click the button to Enable External Version Control

This changes the way that Unity stores all the metadata for everything in your project. By default it uses its own proprietary metadata storage system, which will invariably cause massive problems if two people edit the same project (even copying a project folder from one computer to another can cause issues with this). Turning on External Version Control support will store metadata as regular text files so they can be handled by version control systems.

Another way to approach version control is by using Packages. In this method, you don't have your whole team working on the entire project folder. Instead, you divide up tasks for content areas or subsystems, assign one person the task of managing / integrating. Everyone else sends updates of their work in the form of Unity Packages, which you then just import into the main project.