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Character Concept References

Postby kortrk » Tue Oct 21, 2014 5:41 pm

It's time!
Here we go back, this is the moment, tonight is the night, gonna [draw] til it's over, so we put our [concept art references] up like the [inability to draw well] can't hold us! Like the [inability to draw well] can't hold us! -Mackelmoar and Louis

So here's some of my favorite concept art through the ages.

This is marvelous; look at how Rapunzel conveys so much emotion through how she plays with her hair. I could do this too if I had forty feet of flowing blond hair... I could rock it.

It's a good idea to see concepts for characters who are not cartoons, not because I want to draw something super realistic, but because I need it for variety. So here's Indiana Jones
This one uses the other guy to characterize Jones as much as the image of Jones does. Look at the way that the Nazi fella is completely overpowered by the powers of Indiana Jones' fist... and FREEDOM!

I find these images of Jasmine are interesting in that the final version really simplifies what was going to be ornate and that the stuff that stuck up off her head was flattened. I have heard that pointy stuff is bad on heroes- heroes are supposed to be round and villains are supposed to be pointy.

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen Frozen, skip this picture and spend the time you would have spent reading it watching Frozen.
Hans' design is the epitome of how to make someone look innocuous- he has round features, a pleasant smile, and his design is comfortable and familiar looking, whereas someone like Elsa doesn't approach anything you'd call familiar. So we are drawn to Hans and his kind smile.

I'm starting to get an idea but to go through it we have to return to Maleficent

Note in the first picture that her outfit is red like fire. And it's kinda shaped like fire too... What if it IS supposed to be fire? Then her horns would be THORNS?!
Disney imbedded everything Philip needed to know about Maleficent's fighting style (and personality, really) into her appearance. Fire and thorns. I would like to do something like this, where the character's appearance represents who they are via symbolism.

Here's Shrek- after and before. I note that his appearance reflects the swamp.

The final of Shrek is much better in that it is also more modest and simple, like his personality.

Merida's explosion of red hair defies accepted order, as does she.

So yeah, I have to "write" a character who would have good symbolism to them and then I can draw them.

I've got an idea for my story now. Here's a fairly standard pose from Elsa that will be helpful as I draw

Here's a study of Belle's face. Her face has a really pretty round quality to it that, if I go with the female character I am considering, can be very helpful.

And here's something completely different

Thinking of a male character now- more original character than the girl I was developing.

Here's a face that I find friendly and informative
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